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Atmel Microcontroller Course

Atmel Microntroller Course

Here are Lecture notes for Atmel microcontroller course. This course is focused on Atmega16 microcontroller (AVR Family). The programming language used in this course is "C" and the compiler (editor) used is codevision avr compiler.

You can download the lecture notes (slides) here :

Lecture-1 : Introduction on Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems. (Download Here)
Lecture-2 : Memories of ATmega16 Microcontroller. (Download Here)
Lecture-3 : Digital Input/Output Ports (I/O Ports). (Download Here)
Lecture-4 : External and Internal Interrupts. (Download Here)
Lecture-5 : Timers of ATmega16 Microcontroller. (Download Here)
Lecture-6 : Clock Sources and Sleep Modes. (Download Here)
Lecture-7 : Reset Sources and Watch-Dog Timer. (Download Here)
Lecture-8 : Communication Modes of ATmega16. (Download Here)
                 - Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).
                 - Universal Synchronous and Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (USART).
                 - Two-Wire Serial Interface (TWI) also Known as (I2C).
Lecture-9 : Dealing With Analog Signals. (Download Here)
                 - Analog to Digital Converter. (A/D)
                 - Analog Comparator.
Lecture-10 : Lock Bits, Fuse Bits and Boot Loader. (Download Here)

Also you can download the data-sheet of ATmega16 from the following link :

Programs used in this course are :


 You need to know basics of C language ( you can see this link : Summary of C language )

Please feel free to leave a comment if there is a dead link or a problem with the links.

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