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8086 Microprocessor Interfacing Lectures

8086 microprocessor interfacing lectures

Course Objective :

To familiarize students with embedded system design. Students will have a thorough understanding of hardware, software and system integration.
  • Introduce the basics of subsystems organization, timing and interfacing.
  • Help the student to understand various aspects of hardware design, such as addressing, bus structures of memory interfacing.
  • The students will also learn addressing, bus structures of different I/O devices interfacing.
  • Help the student to understand the interrupt mechanisms.
  • To provide experience to write software in machine or assembly language for embedded system applications.

Course Topics:

  1. Revision to microprocessors.
  2. Multiplexed pins. 
  3. Memory interfacing. 
  4. The programmable peripheral interface 8255.
  5. The programmable interval timer 8254.
  6. The programmable communication interface 8251.
  7. The keyboard interface 8051.
  8. The display interface 8279.
  9. The interrupt controller 8259.
Lecture-1 : Introduction. (Download Here
Lecture-2 : 8086 Hardware Specifications. (Download Here)
Lecture-3 : Memory Interfacing. (Download Here)
Lecture-4 : Programmable Interval Timer. (Download Here)
Lecture-5 : 82C55 programmable peripheral interface. (Download Here)
Lecture-6 : 16550 programmable communication interface. (Download Here)
Lecture-7 : ADC and DAC. (Download Here)
Lecture-8 : Interrupts. (Download Here)

“The Intel Microprocessors 8086/8088, 80186/80188, 80286, 80386, 80486, Pentium, and Pentium Pro Processor Architecture, Programming, and Inter- facing”

- James L. Antonakos . Prentice Hall, 3ed Edition, 1999  The 80x86 Family : Design, Programming and Interfacing by John Uffenbeck, Third Edition, Prentice Hall.
- M. Sargent III and R. L. Shoemaker, The IBM Personal Computer From the Inside Out, Addison-Wesley.
- Douglas V . Hall, Microprocessors and interfacing: programming and hardware, McGraw-Hill.

Pre-requests :
You must know about Assembly Language Programming, see the following Link :
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